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October 31st, 2016 by J

Selma Blair goes wild in lesbian strap on fun

In a naughty leaked clip of Selma Blair, she’s having a wild time with an equally hot chick. Eating and fucking each other’s pussies on a couch after doing a casting, Blair let this fine babe lick her cunt and plow it with a strap on until she cums!

Selma Blair goes wild in lesbian action

June 14th, 2016 by J

As a good actress, Selma Blair oftentimes takes her acting skills in real life especially if this involves the exciting parts like her steamy lip-lock with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the film Cruel Intentions. She enjoyed it a lot that she ended up making out with hot chicks, eating their cunt, and having her pussy licked and played with as well. Watch as she pleasures this sexy babe by fingering and eating her twat and rubbing her own cunt in the process. Looks like she’s had enough practice because she’s like a damn carpet-munching pro!

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May 21st, 2010 by selma

I’ve always had a fascination with the on-screen characters that Selma Blair portrays. In Cruel Intentions, she plays a darkly innocent character who is thrust in a sexual and malicious environment, and in Hellboy, she plays a disturbed and unstable pyromaniac who is a danger to other people. She’s always had roles that are fragile, a personality that plays well in sexual fantasies circling on Selma Blair. She can play the seemingly quiet and untouched lolita who has no clue about sex, and you can coax her into ‘educating’ her for her ‘own good’.

Then, once she catches sight of the bed, she evolves into a cock-hungry sex monster who dives at your crotch and is already seconds away from making you cum with her tattered pussy without you even realizing it. And the best part of the fantasy is, she’ll keep that doe-eyed look even while she’s squatting repeatedly on your stiff dick, but the quiver of her whimpering lip-biting and the lolling of her wide, protuberant eyes will give away how she’s enjoying getting cock ramming her pussy.
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Masturbation pictures of Selma Blair

June 24th, 2009 by selma

If seeing the lovely Selma Blair exchanging torrid, wet kisses with fellow actress Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions get you all horny and stiff underneath, you might find yourselves drooling and panting like a dog in heat once you get to see some of our new and sleazy stuff we have where Selma is seen all in her naked glory spreading her legs and that delectable pussy while stuffing it with a bunch of dildos… And now you horndogs out there can get to see this actress‘ wild side with our big collection of her steamy masturbation pictures.

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Selma Blair wearing a see-through dress and showing off her pink nips

October 22nd, 2008 by selma

I guess you’re saying, “She’s got no boobs so why should I care if she shows her nips?”  Yeah, I know she’s not busty or voluptuous like some plastic porn star or Hollywood actress.  But she’s all-natural and petite.  For me, that’s what matters.  And I’m sure a lot of guys out there have the same preference as mine.  Plus, Selma is a public figure and we all know how the public reacts when stuff like this happens.  Amid all the outrage, hoards of horny men are ogling pictures like this.  That’s a celebrity’s nipple exposed in full view, for God’s sake.  Now check out her pink nips proudly exposed in her see-trough dress.  Click the picture below to get more!

Selma isn’t really known as a sexpot in Hollywood but with her versatile acting skills, she has performed some roles that require her to be provocative onscreen.  I’m sure you must have watched at least the infamous kiss between Selma and Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Cruel Intentions”.  If that didn’t turn you on, maybe her sex scene in “Storytelling” did the job if you’re leaning a bit more towards the sexual taboo side.  Whatever.  Selma’s hot enough to make my dick stand up in attention and I know I want more of this stuff.  If you want, you too can get lots more of Selma’s nude pictures and movies.  Try this site – – and see if you find whatever you’re looking for.  Click the link and be treated to hundreds of pics and videos featuring your favorite celebs getting down and dirty in front of the camera!

Hottie Selma Blair exposes her shaved pussy for the first time

October 22nd, 2008 by selma

Some of you might be shocked with what you’ll see in this post but I’m not surprised that this actress has finally shown the goodies that she has hidden from public view ever since she started out in the movie industry.  Selma Blair is a capable actress and is not shy to bare her skin in some of the roles that call for it.  And in this post, she shows not just her tits but her yummy, shaved, celebrity pussy as well!  Take a long look at the smooth vagina of one of today’s hottest female celebrities!  Click the thumbs available below and get the full picture in high resolution.

Yeah she’s not that sexy and curvy but you must admit that pussy looks delicious and inviting.  One look at the photos and I’m drooling with lust.  And with a cool chick like Selma, you just know she’s enjoying this shit.  I say she’s looking good, small tits and all.  She’s such a tease with her impish smile and tempting eyes.  And for me, a slim, petite chick is better than the big, busty ones.  No offense meant to lovers of BBWs, I’m just stating my preference here.  Plus, I’m a leg guy and you can see that Selma’s got some serious stems going on for her.  What she has between her legs is better.  A moist, yummy, and shaved snatch will always make my day!

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Selma and Sarah heat up the big screen with the kiss that rocked the world

October 22nd, 2008 by selma

Starting out as a low-budget indie film, “Cruel Intentions” was later picked up by Columbia Pictures.  The movie is about the sophisticated but sometimes cruel ways of some of the wealthy teenagers living in modern New York City.  The plot is mainly driven by a bet held between step-siblings and it heavily involves seduction, love, and manipulation.  Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as the lead antagonist and Selma Blair as a naïve girl who unwittingly fell victim to Sarah’s cruel intentions.  The boyfriend of Selma’s character happened to be Kathryn’s (Sarah’s character) ex-boyfriend and that’s sufficient enough reason for Kathryn to decide that she wanted Cecil’s reputation forever tarnished as opposed to her model student appearance.  She offers to take Cecil under her wing to teach her and help her become a model student.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the movie, the two girls share a passionate kiss in a park.  Kathryn, being the manipulative and experienced seductress that she is, offered to teach the naïve Cecil how to kiss and the ensuing kiss between the two made cinema history.  To see two pretty girls kissing together is sexy enough; to see them kiss passionately with the use of their tongues make it a lot more erotic.  The kiss won them numerous awards including the MTV Award for Best Kiss.  To watch one of the sexiest kisses in movie history, just click on any of the available thumbs in this post.

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Selma Blair posing nude like it’s the most natural thing in the world

October 22nd, 2008 by selma

Granted, Selma Blair is not the usual big-tittied Hollywood celebrity that most people salivate over.  She’s not that curvy and she’s not that glamorous.  But with her perfect bone structure and flawless skin, Selma is quite sexy in her own right.  Just check out the couple of pictures I’ve included in this post.  Click on the thumbs below to get the full-sized version of these hot topless pictures of the actress.

Selma Blair is sexy and that’s a fact.  Whatever some critics say of her, I stand prepared to defend that statement.  Just look at her in the pictures above and I’m sure you’ll be agreeing with me.  Who needs a voluptuous sexpot actress?  They’re a dime a dozen but slim babes like Selma are harder to find.  And she’s got talent which I’m pretty sure some sexier actresses lack.  And she’s so pretty in a girl-next-door way which is enhanced by her flawless skin.  Personally, I prefer chicks that are slim but with the brains to back them up to blonde bimbos.

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Selma Blair sizzles in these various clips from “Storytelling”

October 21st, 2008 by selma

Selma Blair plays a college student and aspiring writer in this movie.  Her character, Vi, is exploited by a Pulitzer Prize-winning professor, played by Robert Wisdom.  Numerous sexual and drug-related scenes are shown in the film, earning it an R-rating.  This gives you an idea what to expect from a director with a big axe to grind.  A lot of depressing subjects are portrayed in the film like sexual taboo and craven human instincts.  But to make a long account short, the film is about a remarkably vain, cruel and flawed group of people that cannot possibly survive.  Their experiences and interactions with each other are all put together in a movie billed as a comedy, however dark it is.

While it’s fun to review a movie, it’s better to review some of the more raunchy scenes that one can expect from a movie with an R-rating.  And the focus of those scenes is none other than Selma Blair, who in my opinion is as hot as any other A-list actress in Hollywood.  Her body is slim to the point of being masculine but she still manages to show sensuality in the sex scenes in the movie.  One particular scene comes to mind wherein she gets fucked hard by her abusive professor and made to utter some racist statement.  Although the scene is vulgar and demeaning, Selma called on her acting prowess and delivered a performance worthy of her caliber.  Check out the video clips available in this post.

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